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About Us

KCD Plumbing fixes any plumbing problem, and trust us when we say that we've seen them all. KCD Plumbing has been in operation since 2016. Look no further for a solution to your plumbing or drainage problems. KCD Plumbing can do any job you need done, and for the right price. Why call anyone else?

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About Us

Available Services

How Can We Help You?

Whole House Repiping

Whether it be your water sewer or gas or heck maybe its all three? We can take care of you! We'll remove and replace old outdated material. Replace with modern pipe and techniques that are up to current plumbing code.

Backflow Services

Is your house protected from contamination? Backflow checks are vital to this security to you, your family, and furry little ones. They work by preventing a siphon effect from irrigation lines back into your house.  

Sewer Camera

Having sewer problems? No idea where this problem is? Losing sleep over it?

Call us and we can come out and run an inspection camera to help diagnose and offer you solutions to fix that stinky problem.

Bathroom Remodel 

Old outdated bathrooms keeping you from having company over? Let KCD come in and help you turn that bathroom into your favorite room in the house.

Drain Cleaning

Toilet backing up? Sink Overflowing? Slow tub drain?

More than likely these can be solved with a simple run of one of our snakes, let us help you return your peace of mind. Call now!

Water Filter Services

Hard water is a common problem all over. Unfortunately its bad news for pipes and that nice finish that you have in your home. The solution: install either a salt water treatment system or a water filtration system. Plenty of models to choose from let us help you pick one out.

Emergency Services

One thing we cannot stress enough is we are here for our customers. Don't hesitate to give us a call in your time of need and well be over in two shakes of a pipe wrench.

Water Heater repair & installation

Leaky water heater or just time for a new one? KCD Plumbing has the know how to get it done fast and at a lower price than many of our competitors. So let us help you get that hot water back on.

Commercial Jobs

We also do commercial installation, piping, contracting, repair. You need it, we can do it!

We Operate All Along the Central Coast!

We here at KCD Plumbing provide excellent service in Santa Maria and all the surrounding areas. 

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Santa Maria, CA

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